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postheadericon A bike needs to go faster in any roads

Every person owns a car and bike, why the person is riding bike there is a reason for it. In bad roads he doesn’t want to use the car, because the car spares are very costly and in case, the parts are damaged due to the bad road condition, the person is taking his segway bike. This bike is an equal to the car the car engine is fixed in the car unfortunately only two persons can travel in the bike. There would not be enough space for the third person. The bike should have enough suspension in condition. It has to stop at anytime with the strong break. The break once tuned well, there will not be any accidents. The bike should be able to ride more kilometers this is the second condition of the bike owners. morans


In general all the bike owners are maintaining their vehicles by their own maintenance they never take the bike to the mechanic. If the bike is completely damaged, only at that condition the bike owner is deciding to take the bike to the bike mechanic. In general maintenance the vehicle should not have any dust, after that the oiling is necessary once the oil tank is filled there is no worry about the bike the bike would ride in the smooth condition and the bike owner would not feel that he is riding a bike, he would feel only he is driving a car because there would not be any noise in the bike, even the bike produces sound it can be adjusted through a screw driver, this is simple tool but helps the bike to maintain the bike in the very good condition, the next problem is when the tire is puncher the bike owner must have to be replace the tube to the new tube, after that the old tube can be pasted with the rubber and the vehicle would be in the good condition.
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